Local Buying Tips

             For anyone that is interested in buying a home, it is essential that you become “pre-qualified” for a mortgage loan.  Getting “pre-qualified” first will give you the buyer more buying power!! A presented offer from a “pre-qualified” buyer is a stronger offer for the seller to consider because the seller will know the buyer is serious. Also, time will not be wasted looking at homes in a price range that you are not “qualified" for. There will be a price max given to you based on your credit history so then we will know what range of homes to search so that we can find your dream home before someone else buys it first.

           For choosing a lender, first definitely use someone that you trust. There are many different lenders out there that are educated.  I have a select few that I refer my buyer clients to though. These are ones that I personally trust either from a personal experience or have worked with them in the past. For a trust worthy reference, please contact Landon Keller at 931-308-7384!!