Local Selling Tips

      For anyone who wants to sell his or her home, I would love to meet with you!! I offer a free comparable market analysis. This will give an idea of your home’s value within the current market. Then, I will develop a marketing scheme that is designed to gain maximum exposure for your property!! My marketing plan will also be built to maximize your profits for selling your home!! There are a few other perks that I offer. First, a sentrilock system for maximum safety of your property. This system is computer based, and only allows one entry per agent per showing. There will be a record at my local office of who has shown your home and what time he or she has entered. Second, I believe in constant communication. A seller does not deserve to have a sign put in the yard then to never hear from the agent again. I will keep my sellers in the loop to what is happening with his or her property. I would want that benefit if I was the seller. So, why should I not give that to the sellers that I work for?  I strive to make everyone of my clients happy and to keep all the experiences a positive one. For any other questions or concerns, call Landon Keller anytime at 931-308-7384!!